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  • Starting 0.9.11, FLV2iTunes will only support intel-mac and Mac 0S X Leopard(10.5) installed. If you're mac has power pc cpu or Mac OS X 10.4, please download version 0.9.10.
  • If you want to help me translate FLV2iTunes to your language, please send me an email. Thanks
  • Please look at the Frequently Asked Page first before sending me email.

FLV2iTunes is a simple docklet application for converting movies to iTunes,iPod, and iPhone supported format.

You just need to drag and drop movies to it and you just need to wait. It will accept any movies format that are supported by ffmpeg (WMV, XVID, DIVX, FLV, AVI, and more), converts it, and insert the movie into iTunes library.

This is still a work in progress. Please let me know if you found any bugs or want to suggest additional features by emailing me at [email protected]

Application: FLV2iTunes
Version: 0.9.11
Min Requirement: Intel Mac OS X 10.5
Release date: 12/2/2008
 Universal Binary

Application: FLV2iTunes
Version: 0.9.10
Min Requirement: Mac OS X 10.4
Release date: 8/27/2008
 Universal Binary

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FLV2iTunes Screenshot


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